Complaints and Appeals


  • To ensure processing, all complaints and appeals must be in writing, signed and state the name and address of the complainant.
  • All disputes or grievances will be handled professionally and confidentially in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome.
  • All parties will have a clear understanding of the steps involved in the grievance procedure.
  • Students will be provided with details of external authorities they may approach, if required.
  • All grievances will be managed fairly and equitably and as efficiently as possible.
  • Students may raise any matters of concern relating to training delivery and assessment, the quality of the training, student amenities, discrimination, harassment and other issues which may arise.
  • The policy provides an avenue for most grievances to be addressed, however in some cases alternative measures may need to be explored.

RT will encourage the parties to approach a grievance with an open view and to attempt to resolve the problems through discussion and conciliation. Where a grievance cannot be resolved through discussion and conciliation, we acknowledge the need for an appropriate external and independent agent to mediate between the parties.

Process: Local Level resolution

  • The grievance procedure involves the student initiating discussion with the relevant trainer/assessor regarding the grievance.
  • Where the grievance is unable to be resolved at discussion level, formal complaint in writing is to be directed to the Manager.